I am not a dancer. I love music. I quite enjoy dancing once I’ve first enjoyed an adult beverage or two. Or sometimes even if I am stone cold sober and in the privacy of my own home I like to shake my groove thing. I will also do so in public if it will embarrass one of my children. It’s what good mothers do.

Last Sunday though I went to a ‘Beachbody Super Sunday’.  I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t know there would be dancing. I knew there would be some working out and there was also the promise of snacks, so I was game.

So aside from snacks I also got to hear some wonderful “Why” stories from other Beachbody coaches. I did enjoy some delicious Shakeology snacks. I did a workout that had me contorting and stretching in ways I was unaware I could. Then, we danced.

We were treated to a sneak peek of Cize. A new workout program from Beachbody. The instructor was fantastic. She owned it. I did my best to follow along and hoped, strongly, that no one was watching me. And after a while I didn’t care that much if they were.

There were self-conscious giggles everywhere and then before you know it, the laughing took on more of a ‘fun’ tone. We were having fun, probably looking silly, and not caring.

I am someone who verily catapults between caring way too much what everyone thinks and not giving a flying $%*! what anyone thinks. I am not coordinated. rhythm is sometimes my friend and sometimes not. However, like most people I am not immune to fun and this was fun.

So tonight presented an opportunity to go and do an entire Cize class. In the park. With other people. I recruited a couple of other women to join me and off we went to do our best Beyonce impressions. (If Beyonce were white and not a Queen).

I am not very good at it. I maybe learned about half the choreography. I can’t even master the first basic step but can “walk and look” like a mother trucker. And I will go back.

Here’s why. I don’t like to exercise. I like being done exercise. I like feeling strong and being able to follow a workout but I actually do not like the process itself. It’s uncomfortable. I’m hot, I’m sweaty, things hurt. “Anyone can do anything for 60 seconds.” That’s the go to line for Autumn Calabrese from Beachbody. And anyone can. Doesn’t mean anyone likes it. But this Cize business? I like this. I was hot. Sweaty. And sometimes things hurt, but it was so much fun I didn’t care.  I”m hooked!

Next class is in one week and I will be there. And before you know it, I’m probably going to be a back up dancer for J-Lo. No big deal. I’ve heard she’s on the look out for a mother of 4 in her late 30s with sketchy rhythm because really, who isn’t?


One thought on “Dancing Queen

  1. You rocked it! At least I think you did because i was too busy trying to figure out what the hell I was supposed to be doing to watch you! At least I had someone to make witty comments to while trying to catch my breath!


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