I still don’t have a title, a real title, for this blog. That’s where I’m stumped. This dawned on me when I sat down here to write tonight and realized I’m not sure where I’m going with this post, never mind the blog.

I just worked out. Bored of hearing that yet?

Too bad.

I didn’t want to. I’m beyond tired this week which is totally related to hormones. Which for the record, if Mother Nature is reading this? I’m all done with my uterus. It produced 4 amazing human beings. Good looking ones too. Now though? I’m done. I don’t mind having the estrogen because I’ve been witness to a hot flash or two in my day and that doesn’t seem like much fun but I’m seriously over my body doing things only required for child bearing.

So anyway, I made supper (fantastic steak fajitas from the Fixate book) and then when I was done eating, moved to the couch. We were going to watch the news and it was quarter to six. I told my son and husband that I was going to sleep and if I did actually fall asleep to wake me up at 6. It seemed like 30 seconds passed and Reese was saying “Mom! It’s 6.”  To which I replied: “5 more minutes.” 5 seconds. My husband: “It’s 6.” Fine.

So I got up. Checked the schedule for my favourite blonde bombshell’s outdoor classes and realized there wasn’t a class tonight (well there was but it is literally raining on that parade). So I went upstairs and put on my gear and then went downstairs to work out. Dragging ass the entire way.

I started to do the Upper Fix, an upper body workout.  It was not my best work. I powered through the moves I liked and put up with the ones I don’t (the ratio there is about 30:70 for anyone wondering). Am I here to tell you how great I feel now?


Nope. I’m still tired. But at least I did it. Mind over matter every single time. It’s so simple really. It’s the same as choosing to eat a pita instead of a Big Mac.  It’s choosing water instead of pop. It’s choosing fruit or vegetables instead of baked goods. It’s basically doing a lot of things you don’t necessarily want but you do anyway because it’s good for you. And like it or not, you feel better.

Which actually pisses me off. Not going to lie. Why can’t I eat refined sugar and become one with the couch and look and feel great? Because I can’t. No one can. And if they say they can, they are dirty rotten liars or 14 years old. It’s a fact.

So do it. Do it when you don’t want to – especially then – make it unavoidable. Like brushing your teeth (which I also hate – there is literally nothing else to do for that two minutes. I just have to stand in one spot. If I try to do anything else I’m one handed and risk drooling toothpaste and spit on whatever it is I’m trying to do. It’s maddening). However, I continue to practice dental hygiene. I’m practically Gandi.

Again, it’s easy. Dental hygiene and 30 minutes of not sitting with your ass firmly ensconced in your couch and not only will you have fresh breath and a smaller ass, but people will revere you! (okay, maybe not people, but I will…and that’s all that matters!).


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