It’s all I could do to get up off of the coach to walk the seven steps to the desk and write this post.

I’m beat.

It’s hot.

We don’t have air conditioning.


I did Insanity tonight. In the out of doors, people.

I am tempted to end the post here to demonstrate how tired I am. However, that’s not fair to you or me. I have so much more to say on the subject, which I’m sure shocks all of you!

As we have covered I have done the 21 Day Fix and have embarked on another round as of yesterday. I have incorporated some outdoor fitness classes into my routine. Just to change things up and challenge myself. Last night I was busy shaking my groove thing at Cize and worked up a nice sweat, got a little short of breath, and laughed a lot.

Tonight’s offering was Insanity. I have done one of these classes only once before and it was hard but it I thought, no, get out of your head and get your ass there. So I did.

And luckily so did one other person. Everyone else bailed. Why? Are they lazy? Soft? Ill tempered?! Nope. They are rational thinking human beings who realized that it was still above 30 degrees Celsius at 7 pm at night and figured an intense outdoor class was not a good idea.

However, myself and this one other determined soul said, screw it! A little heat stroke is good for you and goddamn it I’m going to be fit!

I questioned my choices about 30 seconds into the warm up.

I wondered if I might pass out maybe 15 minutes in. And why was it so loud in my head?? Oh, no worries, just a little increased blood pressure. Or my body screaming at me: “STOP THE GD INSANITY!” And I was like NO!! I can’t quit now. I can’t stop. She’s not stopping. Paula (tiny blonde fitness guru) says I can do it. I. Must. Go. On. (All that was missing was ‘Eye of the Tiger’ pumping in the background).

I jumped. I pushed up. I did 22 variations of burpees. I honestly can’t even tell you what else I did except some soccer thing that I modified (did the version which did not involve jumping because if I jumped anymore my heart and brain made a pact to both explode).

There was nary a breeze this evening, I tell you. Just sun. I wanted to lie face first in the grass and succumb to mosquitoes and the Insanity.

We were given the option of skipping a section and just going to the end. We contemplated and both decided, nope, not skipping anything. Bring it. We can do it. And we did. We were not happy. We were short of breath. We were flushed. But we did not stop.

Then? We were done. We cooled down and at that moment a cloud covered the sun and there was the nicest little breeze and I hadn’t vomited or had any other sort of bodily fluid malfunction (it was touch and go there, I’m telling you). Success!

We celebrated a little. And by celebrated I mean we stood upright and spoke in full sentences while sweat poured out of every pore. We parted ways. My cohort walked home as she lives close. I had to drive. May have not been a safety first decision as I felt ever so slightly light headed…

I dragged my sweaty stinky self to the store, walked in with a handful of change, bought two cucumbers and only two cucumbers and left. In hindsight that may have been disconcerting to anyone watching. Why is this flushed, sweaty (some would politely say ‘dewy’) woman in here without a bag, a phone, or anything but clearly all of the change she could scrape up to purchase just these two cucumbers? Why?

Because I need to make a salad for lunch tomorrow. Asses. Get your minds out of the gutter!

And check out these guns!


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