My kids went back to school this week as I’m sure many of yours did as well. The first day I managed to get pics of my boys in front of the house with their backpacks on and ready to go.

That evening I went into a neighboring city for a meeting and ended up getting home much later than I thought. The meeting was fantastic. Not being home on that particular evening was a bit of a stretch…

Before I left I spent some time with my husband who is tackling school for the first time in 22 years. He was feeling a bit overwhelmed and out of his element and I tried my best, in about 20 minutes time, to ease his fears and provide some practical help too. I said hello to my children. Packed a snack and hit the road.

I came home and spent another hour with my husband going over his work with him and doubled over in pain due to some sort of stomach ailment that was mostly remedied with Eno. Then it was off to sleep.

Yesterday morning was another rush as due to Tuesday evening’s course of events I hadn’t made lunches or looked at school notes or filled out the goddamn biography both teacher’s want on my kids. It’s nice that they want to get to know them but the one I filled out for Reese was pretty much a database and can now be submitted to future colleges as part of his application. Are you telling me this teacher is going to read 25 or whatever of those? Maybe she is. I don’t know. Either way I was feeling unorganized, hurried, agitated, and tired.

Then I looked at my younger son and his wrinkled clothes and made a comment about same. I soon was able to discern he had taken them out of his hamper. This displeased me. I, at 7:47 am (I work at 8) hauled ass up to his room. He had 1 lone clean pair of shorts to wear and roughly 16 clean t-shirts. He began crying because he doesn’t like those shorts. I tried to calmly share that they are fine and we don’t wear dirty clothing to school. And put the shorts on him. We chose a shirt and off we went.

Except I felt like an asshole. I overreacted out of guilt because a ‘good mom’ would have had all the laundry done and the script done for his very own Lifetime series show and lunches packed and filled his morning with positive reinforcement instead of “I DON’T CARE, WE DON’T WEAR DIRTY CLOTHES TO SCHOOL!”

So I gave him an extra little squeeze before I left for work and vowed to get my shit together.

I made a to-do list and when I looked at it again around 930 pm last night and realized I had accomplished only 2 of those things… One of them being said child’s laundry and did I happen to mention that our dryer is currently not working optimally? As in it is not providing any heat whatsoever?!

So my husband took the load of wet clothes to my in-laws to dry it. I returned later to pick it up and found that my mother in law had folded it. It was like angels sang to me when I saw the folded laundry! It’s the little things that count people, never forget that. What might not mean to much to you could mean a heavenly chorus to others.

So this morning? Everyone’s lunches were waiting perfectly packed in the fridge. Everyone had clean clothes. I got my work out in. The boys’ biographies were tucked in their backpacks along with notes advising their teachers of today’s dental appointments. I was #winning!!

Unless you look at my actual home. Our kitchen table is covered in school notes, flyers, notebooks, calculators, cat hair, and who the eff knows what else. Our bathrooms are part of a nation wide study on disease control and I’d advise any and all asthmatics to avoid dropping by lest you succumb instantly to the dust covering every surface in our home.

Is it the end of the world? No. Were my kids happy this morning? Yep. Was my husband happy this morning? Yep (every school day is bringing a bit more surety and confidence). Was I happy? Yes. I belted out Rihanna on the way to work and finished up with a little Bad Blood by good ol’ T. Swift.

The house will get cleaned. Eventually. I will update our family calendar at home. I will figure out where to keep the recycling while we are in the midst of a program change. The dryer will get fixed. And we will keep going. In the meantime, stay tuned for what I’m sure will be two very riveting documentaries on my children. I wrote both scripts last evening and do hope that they are returned to me at the end of this year. Or maybe for Christmas. Their teachers now know more about my sons than some relatives do…could turn it into a nice little Christmas letter.

I could choose to focus on what didn’t get done or what I did wrong or what I ‘should’ do. Instead I am choosing to focus on what I did get done, how that made me, and my family feel, and how if we are all feeling good, that’s all that really matters!

Unless someone feels badly enough for me they’d like to come clean my house? In that case let me tell you, I’m really torn up about it. help.



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