I love Pinterest. In the past when I’ve been broke and needed a pick me up I have shopped away an evening on Pinterest pretending that pinning these outfits meant they were mine. Or when I pin beautiful homes and laundry rooms (sadly a open, well designed, and bright laundry room really gets this girl’s motor running) or a gorgeous kitchen, a little piece of me thinks, yes: “If I Pin it, it will come.”

It’s a little sad, right?

However Pinterest is really good for practical shit too. Recipes? Three trillion. Not all of them good but some of them really are and keep my slow cooker in action. And I’ve tried some of the make up tutorials too.

Is this an homage to PInterest? No.

There is evil within the pins.

I am having a rough week diet wise. I am without my Shakeology and I honestly think it’s why my cravings are out of control. I am managing to eat cleanly the majority of the time but there have been more ‘slips’ in the last week then there have been in the last three months!

Case in point – last night I was taking eggs out to boil them for a nice sensible snack for work. I dropped one before I got it into the pot and then wasn’t going to boil it – it was too cracked. So what to do? Maybe just poach it? Scramble it?

Enter PInterest.

Enter my thumbs typing in: Cake in a Mug.

Yep, you read that right.

Less than five minutes later I was eating a cookie in a mug. (Didn’t like the cake options). It was a total stealth mission – I couldn’t let my kids see what I was doing. I didn’t want to make them one nor should they be eating one that close to bed. What I ate amounted to a cup of sugar with an egg yolk in it…I did not waste the egg.

Before Pinterest I don’t know that I even knew cake or cookies IN A MUG IN LESS THAN 3 MINUTES was possible! What kind of sorcery is this? And why is it so readily available?

It was really good though.

Until I bloated up like a walrus with dysentery.

And hated myself a little for my weak resolve.

Ergh. Stupid PInterest.

I have one board dedicated solely to fitness. And have used it! And another one titled “All Things Sweet”. These two things are not friends but Pinterest encourages it. She devil.

I have solved nothing and for this I apologize. I will not give up on her yet. Pinny and I both know Christmas is around the corner and it’s time to Pin fantastic home made gift ideas that I will never make or give. It’s a tradition and what are the holidays without a little tradition?

She’s got me in her grasp….



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