I am going to bore you with yet another sermon on my love of music. Does anyone else just feel like they are changed from the inside out when they listen a particular song or artist they love? The right song can completely change my mood in an instant, and always for the better.

I am obnoxious when it comes to music but if we’re being honest with one another, and I certainly hope we are, I’m obnoxious in general. Musically though? Is where I really shine.

First of all, I sing.  I. LOVE. TO. SING. Also as a child I mistakenly believed I could sing. I cannot. However, my mother has a voice like a goddamn rock and roll angel or some shit and so as a kid, singing with her while we did dishes, colored, baked, or drove, I thought I too could sing. I mean she could and I was damn sure I was harmonizing beautifully with her. Also my grandma liked to purport the idea I could sing too and encouraged me to do so in public (camp choir – got a solo with my cousin – to this day I am thankful it was a Bible camp and the Christian folk were kind enough not to cry out in agony and helpfully kept the dogs away that I’m sure were answering my ‘call’).

My grandma and her sisters were well known for their singing. My mom can sing. My uncle played the piano like no other. My brothers can sing and play instruments. We’ve gone over this. I cannot do any of these things but it does NOT stop me. My husband enjoys weekly, if not daily, musical performances in the car or the home – everything from hardcore gangsta rap (which I suspect is his favorite) to something old school from the 70s.

My children, thanks to my affinity for sharing the music with all, do the same. We all sing. My daughter actually can sing – my youngest, while watching The Voice wondered aloud about the age requirements and then mused “Justine could try out”. She could. She could do anything…anyway, my oldest son plays guitar, well, and had more rhythm even as an infant than I could ever hope to in life – although it is an ongoing goal. My two youngest boys sing together, Rhett loves to dance, and I think actually they have a little bit of an ability there as well but it’s hard for this tone deaf wonder to truly tell.

Back to obnoxious me though – given the opportunity I will hijack the music at any and every social function wherein I am in attendance. The only people I do not do this to was my Uncle Steve, who passed away a few years ago, but who was one of the most critical people, aside from my mother, in shaping my love for and taste in music. I would never dared question what he played or done anything but sit and listen and learn. Who else?? Hmmm, well I always used to ask permission at our friend Darcy’s house. I had to earn that right though but because of the excellent tutelage under my parents (because although my dad might be more than a little rhythmically challenged, he too loves music, and we always had music on in our house growing up between both parents) and my uncle, I have pretty decent taste in the stuff. However, I was once kicked out of the DJ booth at a local establishment for attempting to take over …the DJ was quite unimpressed and I responded by sharing that I had helpfully lined up ‘Footloose’ for him to play next. He remained unimpressed and was rather short with me, if memory serves.

Why do I do this? Am I that much of an asshole? Yes and no. Part of the reason I do this is when I’m having fun or not having fun, I know that the right music will either take the fun to the next level OR if I’m not having fun, it will make it so that I am. Music is magic. Nothing unites or even divides people as quickly as music does. People who get worked up about shit like Beatles vs. Rolling Stones (Rolling Stones), the merits of rap, or classic country vs. new country. As a child I took great pride in being of the few 12 year old girls in the country not in love with New Kids on the Block. I liked “heavy metal” (no I didn’t, I like Bon Jovi, Motley Crue, Warrant, Skid Row, and Poison…nothing heavy there except, at the time, the make up). That being said I took great pride in not falling prey to the hype…music is a great identifier, and whether or not I got that at 12, I sure as hell wasn’t going to go around pretending to be interested in anything except Youth Gone Wild and boys with long hair.

Anyway, I digress. I only thought to share these ramblings with you after I started listening to some Tragically Hip this afternoon and instantly felt like I could take on the world and anyone who dares to get in my way. So may I be so bold as to suggest if your day isn’t going great, if something is troubling you, or better yet, if you’re day is fantastic, or if your simply bored? Turn on some music. Play your song. If you don’t have a song, make it your mission to find one and make it yours. I promise you won’t regret but I can’t promise, that if I know it, I won’t sing along.


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