I am doing a new workout program – cue eye rolling because YOU DON’T CARE. I get that. I used to be someone who mocked others that worked out and/or talked incessantly about it.

Hear me out though because in creating a Facebook status last night I think I may have stumbled upon Hollywood’s next big blockbuster. Are you ready?

So my current program is called Core de Force and is based on mixed martial arts (MMA). Basically I punch and roundhouse kick my way through my workouts and nothing has ever left me feeling more badass. I also happen to be quite the Rocky fan – as in Rocky Balboa, Eye of the Tiger, Adriennnnnnne, beating up the Russian, and now Creed fame. I. Love. It. I love the heart of the movies, the underdog theme, and all of the cheesy goodness.

So, last night after I fought my way through a workout and then asked my husband to take a pic of me doing a kick (I wanted to post it but turns out I make quite the face when kicking…one would wonder if I was perhaps seizing instead of doing a fierce side kick). So instead I made my son take a pic of me in my “fight stance”. I did post that one and if you follow me on Facebook, you’re welcome.

I got to thinking about how much joy I get out of pretend fighting and what it would be like to really fight (painful, that’s what it would be like). I’ve birthed four children, the last two au naturel without drugs, so I can do pain. However, pain that results in a beautiful baby is much more warranted or easily tolerated than pain for the sake of pain. I don’t want to be hit, I’ve never been hit and I’m not sure I’d hold up real well. So instead, let’s make a movie!

What if there was a female Rocky? Me! An almost 40 year old married mother of four who is a social worker by day and a street fighter turned professional boxer or MMA fighter by night? “She fights for justice with her heart and her fists.” Tagline done. Now who should play me? I love Jennifer Lawrence but she’s too young and we look nothing alike. Who else? Who else can play sarcastic, foul mouthed, but still loveable (because obviously I am) and look legitimately able to kick ass?

Ooo! Wait, I know, the woman from SNL, Maya Rudolph! Yes. That will work. (Luckily I had this side by side of me and Maya courtesy of a good friend named CROL who noted the similarities in appearance after I sent her this oh so flattering selfie)!

Maybe it could be a vigilante sort of deal. Like some asshole hurts kids and by day, social worker Angela follows protocol and does the “right” thing but then by night, she goes and kicks his ass? Maybe this is actually more of a superhero movie! The possibilities really are endless. Stay tuned!


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