I am so tired I am on the verge of tears.

I don’t even know why.

What I do know is I came home from work to an empty house and decided three things:

1)Before I even change into my pajamas, I am going to clean the litter box. (Also, fun note, I have a Bachelor’s Degree. I was on the honour roll all through high school and also got some scholarships and such for my marks while in University. Want to know what that’s gotten me so far? A hallway desk and the special privilege of being the only one capable of scooping cat shit in our home, but I digress).

2) I was going to eat a chocolate chip square, made my yours truly, after I changed into the aforementioned pajamas.

3) I was going to watch whatever I wanted on TV.

What actually happened?

I did clean the litter box and it was far overdue and as I was bent over scraping and cleaning and feeling every bit my age as a result of some aggressive workouts and, well my age, I wondered with barely contained rage why my genitalia predisposes me to being the one in this household primarily responsible for waste removal. (In all fairness to my husband, he does clean the bathrooms sometimes and will clean up after Toby if he finds the mess before I do, and sometimes even take over, but I’m tired and irrational and my back hurt and why do cats pee so much?!).

I finished that and went upstairs to change. Ahhh, better. Then I grabbed my treat and went in search of the remote (oh and in between all of this I fed and watered the petting zoo).

I sat down on the couch and turned a show on. I got up and let the dogs out. I watched one song (CMA Christmas special) and then got up to let one dog back in. The other pretended he was going to stay out. I got back on the couch and started watching an “i mom so hard” video about Christmas. It’s 6 minutes long. I had to get up twice to let the dog who didn’t want in three minutes earlier but now wanted in, in. I sat back down and finished the video, heard the cat, and let her in. I sat back down and my phone rang. 12 year old: “Will you come pick me up?”



I picked him up and listened to him tell me about his wind-up and instantly felt guilty about being such a bag about having to make the 2 minute trip to pick him up but also still am focused on the level of exhaustion and desire to just sit still.

However, the oven just beeped meaning it’s pre-heated so there’s that. Supper will go in and then inevitably have to come back out. We’ll also use dishes to eat. It’s endless people, endless.

Tell me again what’s so great about being a grown up?

I’ll tell you if someone wouldn’t mind scooting down to the liquor store and grabbing me a bottle of rum and then stopping at the grocery store for some egg nog. Mix me a couple of those, with lots of ice, and I’m sure I’ll think of something.

In the meantime, I’ll one way or another, be on my couch – and if I should be so lucky to settle in for longer than 10 minutes, I’ll probably fall asleep. Just call ahead if you’re bringing the rum.

TGTIF (Thank God Tomorrow is Friday!)



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