Nothing instantly makes my whole body tighten up faster than being asked “What’s for supper?”

Food. Food is for supper. Food that at least one of you will not “like”.

You’d think I’d be over this by now or used to it but there’s not much I dislike more than having to feed these people day in and day out. I mean if I was a whiz in the kitchen or my kids ate anything placed in front of them and if I could make things that I KNOW they like (read: anything processed, composed mainly of carbs or fat…fast food – you get the idea) and we didn’t risk our health by eating in that fashion it’d be a breeze. Here’s your Kraft Dinner/pancakes/pizza/chicken fingers/fries/chicken wings/hotdogs…and your one way ticket to heart disease by 40.

So tonight, for example, I was preparing what my husband and I think is a delicious turkey chili. I may as well tell my children we are going to eat baby otters. They simply cannot cope with beans. Or in Rhett’s case, in addition to the bean-phobia, there is also a strong aversion to peppers and onions. So luckily we had leftovers from last night – a meal Rhett proclaimed to enjoy thoroughly with this compliment: “I didn’t think it was going to be good, but it was!” Well, will wonders never cease. Anyway, when I suggested he have that for supper tonight in the place of the bean riddled chili he reluctantly agreed. I could tell he wasn’t thrilled with having to eat leftovers and I’m not sure who he thinks we are or where he lives, but leftovers are life. Get used to it buddy.

When I meal plan, which I did for this week, I am always grateful for not having to think of something to make every night. I dislike the half hour or so it takes to make the plan on the weekend but it’s always worth it. If only I could get someone to cook for me nightly, then clean up, and perhaps remove my make-up for me too I’d really be set. I don’t think it’s too much to ask.

It is truly one of the challenges of eating “clean” for me – getting my kids to enjoy this food as well. When I took a step off and had a “dirty” little December, meal times were so much less of a struggle. Probably because they were lethargic from the carbs and sugar. So here we go again, finding a balance between eating well, making sure the kids don’t perish from bean-orexia, and being able to answer that question each night calmly sans gritted teeth to be rewarded with a simple: “That sounds good.”

Or maybe there’s no need to ask. Maybe we can just assume that on any given evening, as has been the case since THEY WERE BORN they will be fed and leave it at that!

Sigh…a girl can dream but in case anyone asks we’re having Greek Chicken Pitas tomorrow night.




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